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Our high-performance and application-specific solutions are based on our decades of technical expertise.



Customized energy supply

At murrSolutions you will find individual products, complete solutions and full service. Our strength: Customized system solutions. Everything is designed 100% and application-specific to your requirements.

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Partner on the same level

We offer consulting, design and development, installation and final check up as well as optimization and maintenance. We set standards with our demanding system solutions.

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Challenges are our passion

Automation and robotics have become an essential part of industry and daily life. Cobots are the trend and the front-runners amongst robots in a broad range of industries. Small and medium-sized companies are just as subject to the pressure for automation as the large companies. The collaborative robots which work with humans without protective equipment are increasingly in demand as "robots for everyone." Safety and easy handling are the focus.

The new generations of cobots are increasingly replacing traditional industrial robots and opening up new and more demanding applications. This also changes the requirements for small robots. They should be safe, flexible, compact, lightweight and space-saving as well as robust, durable and cost-effective.

We accept the many challenges and constantly improve our consulting services, services and products.


We always provide you with the right solution!

It is no longer sufficient that manufacturers of robotic system parts offer standard products. Innovative and customized system solutions are increasingly in demand, depending on the application. Robot manufacturers and users are looking for equipment systems that offer both excellent individual components and modular, compatible and simple complete solutions.

We develop the most optimum and efficient solution as well as specific complete sets together with our customers. With our modular and flexible FHS holder system, for example, we ensure an extremely adaptable, reliable and easy to assemble energy supply system on the cobot.

Our system solutions enable fast, simple and tool-free assembly and disassembly. This also applies to pre-assembled cables that are subsequently attached to the various cobots to save space. With our robust and durable components or complete sets, cables, wires and conduits are routed on the cobot in a cable-friendly, safe and compact way. Everything is designed 100% and robot-specifically coordinated with each other.

We set standards in terms of durability and high quality, ease of assembly and maintenance, as well as flexibility and functionality. Our range of services includes innovative, modular and customized system solutions. The focus is on added value for our customers in terms of time and cost savings as well as fast availability.


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Benefit from our many years of cross-industry experience in the development of application-specific system solutions. We look forward to offering you the most technically optimal and efficient solution. Within the shortest possible time, we will deliver your complete system ready for installation.

Your progress is our passion!

Benefit from our many years of cross-industry experience in the development of application-specific system solutions. We look forward to offering you the most technically optimal and efficient solution. Within the shortest possible time, we will deliver your complete system ready for installation.

Your progress is our passion!

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Flexible holder system FHS

High-performance and application-specific solutions

With the development of our innovative, space-saving and flexible holder system FHS, we have launched a universally applicable, modular, simple and compatible holder system. It is designed for direct and resource-saving fastening of dynamic energy supply systems to cobots up to axis 6.

The special feature: The FHS provides a secure hold, does not slip and fits everywhere! It is extremely easy to assemble, as it is infinitely and individually adjustable and extensible. It enables very fast, simple and tool-free assembly and disassembly of wires, cables and protective conduits - whether for initial equipment, for readjustment or for subsequent installation.

It is the only holder system that can also attach a recirculation system with a length compensation of up to 150 mm in a space-saving manner and without drilling or threading. With further compatible system components and accessories, extensibility is ensured at any time (e.g. holder systems, strain reliefs, ball joints and end grommets).

In cooperation with our customers, we develop application- and manufacturer-specific FHS complete sets, which we successively supplement with further sets. Thanks to manufacturer-specific certification, our flexible holder system ensures a perfectly coordinated and customized system solution with outstanding functionality and synergy effects.

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German Innovation Award

Excellent added value

Due to the special design and material coating, as well as the variable extension options of the holder system, the Flexible Holder System FHS meets all the requirement criteria that users set on a holder system. With the substantial added value - combined in one system - the FHS has a unique position!

The FHS holder system, which was the winner of the German Innovation Award, makes an important contribution in terms of flexibility: It fits everywhere, also attaches a recirculation system and is compatible with various system parts, holder systems and accessories. The FHS increases operational efficiency and productivity in industrial companies as it is space- and material-saving, reduces assembly and setup times, and minimizes the risk of collision and injury between humans and cobots.

System holder clamp SHS

Our extremely stable system holder clamp is a very easy to assemble heat-resistant and durable holder system for securely fastening conduits in all sizes up to nominal width 70.

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The self-extinguishing, slit cable protection conduit EWX-PP-LS is for dynamic applications as well as for assembly of pre-assembled cables, subsequent installation or repair of cables

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Recirculation system 21/29

The simple, lightweight and space-saving recirculation 21/29 system is low-wear, low-maintenance and low-noise. It protects energy packages from axis 3 to axis 6 by providing length compensation of up to 150 mm.

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Essential components of our management and organizational structure are absolute customer orientation, flat hierarchies, open doors, and short information and decision-making process.

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