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Murrplastik Systemtechnik GmbH

Your progress is our passion!

murrSolutions connects moving objects on all possible axes in space to create an exclusive solution.


The partner for cable protection solutions for automation and robotics.

As a service provider, we develop optimal system solutions together with our customers through close cooperation during project planning. We focus our component know-how and provide holistic support to companies.

Cornelia Hölzl, Shareholder

Automation and robotics applications need to become more flexible and scalable from design to manufacturing to meet the ever-evolving expectations of the market. murrSolutions achieves lasting function of automated processes through creativity and application knowledge. In line with our philosophy "your progress is our passion", we ensure a smooth and cable-friendly production flow.


Cornelia Hölzl, Shareholder

When synergy becomes energy.

About the team

Das erfahrene murrSolutions Beratungsteam identifiziert den Bedarf, optimiert die Automationslösung und komplettiert Ihre Produkte marktgerecht.

Gerd Nothdurft

Gerd Nothdurft

Leitung Produktmanagement

Rainer Rühle

Leitung Produktmanagement

Marc Rodler

Leitung Vertrieb Deutschland / Österreich

Uwe Zisel

Our history

The advanced and reliable solution provider for cable management solutions in automation and robotics

Together with our customers, we develop individual solutions to shape the future and turn visions into reality.


Expansion needs a clear orientation and a new identification. With murrSolutions, the component know-how is bundled as a solution specialist and consulting company.


"Positioning with the two brands murrSystems and murrSolutions. Sale of Murrplastik Produktionstechnik GmbH."

Foundation of the subsidiary in Russia.

Merger of Cablequick with Murrplastik AG (Switzerland).

Purchase of EK-TEAM Elektronik- und Kunststofftechnik GmbH, Hamburg.

Foundation of M-PIX, Italy Foundation of the branch office in Denmark.

"Foundation of the production company in China. Acquisition of Cablequick AG in Switzerland."

Murrplastik Kunststofftechnik GmbH is renamed Murrplastik Medizintechnik GmbH.

Inauguration of the new production hall of Murrplastik Kunststofftechnik GmbH with clean room production.

Foundation of the subsidiary in Italy.

Foundation of the subsidiary in Hungary.

Foundation of the subsidiary in China.

Foundation of the subsidiary in Switzerland.

Foundation of the subsidiary in Spain.

Generational change: Horst Hölzl hands over the management of the Murrplastik Group to his daughter Cornelia Hölzl.

Foundation of the subsidiary in Switzerland.

Foundation of Murrplastik Medizintechnik as a toolmaking and manufacturing site

Development of the cable entry systems.

Splitting of the company into Murrplastik Produktionstechnik and Murrplastik Systemtechnik.

Foundation of the subsidiary in France.

Development of the first computer-aided labeling system (ACS) for single wires, terminals and switchgear.

Development and patent application of the first openable energy chain

Specialization in plastic production on the overmolding of metal parts.

Generation of a product portfolio for universal conduit holders.

Foundation of Murrplastik GmbH

Foundation of Murrplastik GmbH by Horst Hölzl and Andreas Fröhlich as a manufacturing plant for plastic articles for the household.


Your progress is our passion!

Our brand promise

Automation and robotics are complex. We at murrSolutions make it feel simple and offer intelligent solutions in an automated world. murrSolutions represents excellent consulting and solutions that are easy and quick to implement while ensuring a long service life. We make sure that our customers enjoy their machines, robots or plants for a long time.

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Jobs & Career

Essential components of our management and organizational structure are absolute customer orientation, flat hierarchies, open doors, and short information and decision-making paths.

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