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murrSolutions Consultant

Your progress is our passion!

Advanced and agile

murrSolutions connects moving objects on all possible axes in space to create an exclusive solution.


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About the team

When synergy becomes energy

The experienced murrSolutions consulting team identifies the need, optimizes the automation solution and completes your products in line with the market.

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Holistic solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

We ensure the innovative strength of our customers and the progress of their machines in a wide range of applications. As a competence leader, our principle is - your progress is our passion.

Jobs & Career

Flexible and high-performance team players

Essential components of our management and organizational structure are absolute customer orientation, flat hierarchies, open doors, and short information and decision-making paths.

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Robotics is complex.

Together we achieve clarity.

Our industry isn‘t easy.
We just make it feel that way to provide simple solutions for an automated world.


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